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Galactic Neutrinos measured in IceCube!

Breaking news! The IceCube experiment has announced that they have measured multiple neutrinos, the elusive particles that travel all over our universe, coming from a single point source in the sky for the very first time! I've asked two colleagues, Dr Jhilik Majumdar and Rasa Muller, both experts in neutrinos, to explain this result.… Continue reading Galactic Neutrinos measured in IceCube!

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The trial and error of time-lapse videos

As an experimental scientist my job is all about trial and error. I take measurements that no one has ever taken before, so I don't know the results in advance. Although I usually have anĀ idea (or hope) what the outcome will be, sometimes we can be surprised. To get the results, I start by trying… Continue reading The trial and error of time-lapse videos