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Dive into ATLAS at CERN for the Global Science Show

On Friday 13th November, I took part in the Global Science Show, a Virtual Science Festival which takes place on Twitter. This event was in collaboration with LGBTSTEM Day. The aim of the show is to "share global science & put a smile on faces". Each presenter gets a 10 minute window to share the… Continue reading Dive into ATLAS at CERN for the Global Science Show

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30 second science demo

As part of the final instalment of Sam's Socially Distant Science Quiz, which was run each Monday over the lockdown by the wonderful Sam Langford, we were asked to prepare a 30 second science demo. Here's a recreation of mine! Many thanks to Sam, once again for the fantastic weekly quiz and raising over… Continue reading 30 second science demo

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Recreating the nails in the box video

There's a video going around social media of a box of nails getting sorted by shaking. I was sceptical about whether this was a real video, or reversed, so as a good scientist, I decided to recreate the experiment for myself! Here are the results: What do you think? Do you believe it? Have… Continue reading Recreating the nails in the box video

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Test Beams

The last ten days or so I've spent at CERN testing new designs of pixel detectors for the ATLAS experiment. Since it was the IOP's #iamaphysicist event on the same day we were setting up, I tweeted out the following picture. To measure our pixel detectors, we need a beam of particles from a… Continue reading Test Beams

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I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

In March of this year (2014) I took part in an online x-factor style science communication competition called, I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here! I'd heard of the event before, and knew other people who had been involved, but for some reason I'd never looked into taking part myself. However, since moving to Paris,… Continue reading I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

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A physicist walks onto a stage…

Last August (in 2013) the first LHComedy stand up show was held at CERN. I was in the final months of writing my PhD thesis, so obviously that was a perfect time to place myself at the mercy of a stand-up comedy crowd. You might be asking, "why do a science comedy show?". The word scientist… Continue reading A physicist walks onto a stage…