Interviews and Public Engagement

Below are links to some of the interviews and/or talks I have given about events at CERN and being a particle physicist.


Interviews with Dr Becky


27th March 2018

Could Higgs Bosons and Primordial Black Holes Explain Dark Matter? 


WGN Radio interview during ICHEP 2016 in Chicago

9th August 2016

Starts at about 17.25

Interviewed by Steve Grzanich, news anchor at WGN Radio, with Andre Salles from Fermilab about the ICHEP conference 2016 and the physics slam.

STFC Fascination Magazine

March 2016

Fascination, page 12

Interview with I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here competition winners about how they spent their winnings.


The George Lamb Show

11th June 2015

EP 56: Large Hadron Collider Spesh (I come in at 29:53, but you should listen to the whole thing!)

Sky News Interview

3rd June 2015

TEDxAUBG: What’s next after the Higgs blockbuster?


Royal Institution Twitter Chat: The Future of the LHC

For more info: The Future of the LHC

The introduction video:

Taking Maths Further

12th September 2014

Episode 5: CERN and standard deviation

A series of podcasts aimed at A-level maths students. Described on their website: “Every episode takes a topic from the A level Maths or Further Maths syllabus and looks at its applications. Each episode includes an interview with someone working using related mathematics.”


LHComedy: LHC After Dark Comedy

August 2013


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