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10th anniversary of the HIGGS BOSON

This July saw the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations. CERN celebrated with a symposium, taking a look at the results from the last ten years and thinking to the future. You can find recordings of the talks at the symposium, here: If… Continue reading 10th anniversary of the HIGGS BOSON

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Galactic Neutrinos measured in IceCube!

Breaking news! The IceCube experiment has announced that they have measured multiple neutrinos, the elusive particles that travel all over our universe, coming from a single point source in the sky for the very first time! I've asked two colleagues, Dr Jhilik Majumdar and Rasa Muller, both experts in neutrinos, to explain this result.… Continue reading Galactic Neutrinos measured in IceCube!

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Particle Physics at CERN – Live Talk | Fundraiser for Mermaids UK

Do you want to know how to measure a new particle and what the biggest questions in particle physics are? If so, then this 30 minute live talk about particle physics at CERN using the ATLAS detector is for you! After the presentation, there was a 30 minute question and answer session. This talk is… Continue reading Particle Physics at CERN – Live Talk | Fundraiser for Mermaids UK

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RD50 Workshop

As I mentioned in my last post, this week I'm at a workshop discussing the development of semiconductor devices that can survive in the very heart of experiments on the LHC (and beyond!). This collaboration is call RD50 and is, unimaginatively, the 50th research and development group at CERN. This workshop meets twice a year; once at… Continue reading RD50 Workshop

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Test Beams

The last ten days or so I've spent at CERN testing new designs of pixel detectors for the ATLAS experiment. Since it was the IOP's #iamaphysicist event on the same day we were setting up, I tweeted out the following picture. To measure our pixel detectors, we need a beam of particles from a… Continue reading Test Beams

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Séminaire Poincaré

Last Saturday was the Séminaire Poincaré at l'Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris. There was a whole day of talks on 'Le Boson H' which translates to 'the H[iggs] boson', although for reasons that may soon become apparent, it was only referred to as the H boson in the talks. Unfortunately because of a flight that evening, I could only… Continue reading Séminaire Poincaré

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Hunting the Higgs

This week I've been at the Higgs Hunting workshop in Orsay near Paris, France. This also happens to be my home institute, so there was no travel involved. The conference is three days long and brings together theorists and experimentalists from around the world to discuss current Higgs results, and also to explore what we can… Continue reading Hunting the Higgs

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Higgs Boson and Beyond

In my last post, I wrote about the second year anniversary of the Higgs boson discovery, so it was very timely that the weekend directly afterwards I spent at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition, talking to the public about the Higgs boson and where it could lead. The exhibit was a partnership of many… Continue reading Higgs Boson and Beyond