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Galactic Neutrinos measured in IceCube!

Breaking news! The IceCube experiment has announced that they have measured multiple neutrinos, the elusive particles that travel all over our universe, coming from a single point source in the sky for the very first time! I've asked two colleagues, Dr Jhilik Majumdar and Rasa Muller, both experts in neutrinos, to explain this result.… Continue reading Galactic Neutrinos measured in IceCube!

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Women in Science and the Media

Last week I was at a workshop unlike the usual meetings I attend.  This one was called "Communication & Impact for Female Early Career Researchers". Firstly I should apologise to one of the course instructors, Claire Ainsworth, as I've already broken one of the first rules we learnt during the course, that is that a story should be… Continue reading Women in Science and the Media

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Higgs Boson and Beyond

In my last post, I wrote about the second year anniversary of the Higgs boson discovery, so it was very timely that the weekend directly afterwards I spent at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition, talking to the public about the Higgs boson and where it could lead. The exhibit was a partnership of many… Continue reading Higgs Boson and Beyond