How do you spend your rest and relaxation time?

In physics, as in running, how you manage your rest time is just as important as how you spend your time working (or training).

I am currently preparing for a long-distance race in April, so even though I have a to-do list that extends onto multiple pages, this gives me the motivation to take time away from my computer and get outside. Yesterday I went for a run along the La Seine, up to the famous Notre Dame cathedral and down to Luxembourg gardens. It was a beautiful sunny day, but the temperature was around freezing. Below are a few photographs I stopped to take along the way.

How do you spend your time off? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “How do you spend your rest and relaxation time?”

  1. I also spend my time off running! Think it’s a really good chance to take a breather from work, and gives you headspace to think through any work-related problems you’ve been having. Also good to get away from your desk/lab for a bit! Good luck in your race!! 🙂

  2. Hi Clara, glad to see you’re enjoying Paris.

    I think you are absolutely right. It’s extremely important to not make your life just about research. If I look around me, I see people in their early 40’s who’ve done well in research but have failed to take care of their lives (having a family or even just enjoying life – everything for them is about work) and I know that they wonder where it went wrong. Problem is, if you want to be a good researcher, you need to put the time in and if you put the time in, it has to come from some other part of your life. Unfortunately when it comes to publications etc… it’s those who are willing to put the time in that eventually prevail in terms of work. Those are the ones who get the grants etc… especially in Physics (I’m a Nuclear Physicist btw).

    Good luck in your race and I hope you’re enjoying Orsay, it’s a nice campus there.

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